Greetings Inter American Interpreting family!

As we continue to navigate thru a new year, we had to adjust on how we provide our interpreting services in this COVID Pandemic.

Knowing that the pandemic is not going away any time soon, and this will be our new "normal" from now on, we all had to adjust and modify our ways of doing business. Inter American Interpreting is constantly thinking of ways to make it financially feasible for our Inter American Interpreting Family to provide sign language interpreters. We are now providing several options regarding our interpreting services.  Please request a quote today and we will send you our options for you to choose a package that will fit your needs.

Traditional approach to interpreting services with our professionals joining you for your business meetings, your medical and educational appointments and any other needs for which you will require the expertise of a reliable interpreter.

What once had to be done onsite, can now be excecuted sitting behind a camera on your laptop or just using your phone.

Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, among other platforms have become a convenient and cost efficient interpreting service.

From concerts to speeches and seminars, workshops or presentations, our translators perform on stage and/or for TV and any kind of media production. 

We provide on-site or virtual training tailored to your business needs on basic American Sign Language and provide training on the use and importance of an interpreter.