What type of services does Inter American Interpreting Services provide?

American Sign Language (ASL)/English Interpreting

Specialized interpreting situations:

  • Medical and Mental Health interpreting

  • Deaf Blind interpreting

  • Oral Interpreting

  • Tri-Lingual Interpreting (Spanish/ASL/English

  • Legal & Court Interpreting

  • Religious and Social Events

  • Theatrical and Performing Arts

Coordination of interpreting services for conferences/international travel

Customized ASL Classes

Sign Language Interpreting:


Inter American Interpreting Services LLC has a variety of rates to accommodate hourly, daily and for longer term assignments.  There are additional rates for team interpreters, specialized settings and emergency requests.   Please call us for more information.


Please allow us as much lead time as possible to secure the appropriate interpreter services for your situation.  A minimum of 24 hours notice will be considered standard rates.  Requests received with less than 24 hours notice and/or on holidays will be considered emergency rates.


Every effort will be made to accommodate last-minute requests for interpreting services; however, applicable emergency rates shall apply and priority will be given to requests made in advance.

Please call 915-274-1713 (24 hours a day/night) to request interpreter services.

If you hear the answering service please leave a detailed message; we will return your call within 15 minutes.  However, if this is an emergency and if for any reason you do not get a call back confirmation within 15 minutes, please call back.


Appointments lasting less than one working day (7 hours) canceled with less than a 24-hours working day notification for any reason or due to no-show by ANY of the consumers (deaf or hearing) will be billed for the total time scheduled, including negotiated driving time/mileage and travel costs.


Inter American Interpreting Services follows HIPPA rules and regulations.

What information do I need to make a request for services?
  • Date(s) of requested services:

  • Start time(s):               End time(s):

  • Location/Address/Room Number (Please include any specifics about directions, security procedures, parking passes etc.)

  • Name(s) of Deaf/hard of hearing consumer(s):

  • Name/phone number of staff contact on site:

  • Type of service/content needed (e.g. medical, educational, legal):

  • Language preferences of consumer(s) if known: (e.g. ASL, Spanish, written English, etc.)

  • Type of event (e.g. one-on-one meeting, staff meeting, conference, social event, etc.)

  • Number of participants anticipated at event/any dress code expected

  • How will the Deaf/hard of hearing consumer(s) be participating: (e.g. patient, attendee, presenter, etc.)

  • Billing information:  Department authorization?

  • Other information may be required in order to accommodate your request for services.

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